I’m on a quest… how I feel about makeup wipes

Okay ladies here we go… my quest is to end the regin of makeup wipes. I hate them I dont know if I’ve spoken about this before but makeup wipes was one of the number one reasons I had acne. Since I discovered this I’ve been telling everyone that tells me about their skin problems […]

Product Review- Nivea Men Post Shave Balm

Name: Nivea Men Post Shave Balm Sensitive Price: $11.49 Where to find it: https://www.priceline.com.au/nivea-sensitive-post-shave-balm-100-ml Packaging: I live the package its simple but heavy, I’m less likely to drop things its I can feel the weight in my hand. Because its a mens product I didn’t expect anything pretty, or anything overly complicated and thats exactly what […]

Monthly Favs- March 2016

So I promised I’d start doing these at the start of teh year but my year so far have been massively hectic. But I’m starting now so Lets get into what I loved using in March! 1. Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara- I love, love, love this mascara, it gives my Lashes volume and […]

Glazed Apple Handcream review

Okay so I’m a little obessed with hand cream. I use on average one a month depending on the size. My other obession is the glazed apple christmas scent from the body shop. So I thought this would be a perfect product for me to grab and review. Price: $7.95 for 30g Packaging: its typical […]

Let’s test- paw paw cream shaving gel

This was the most likely the scariest let’s test so far. Mainly because it could have gone horribly wrong. But it didn’t so I guess that’s a plus.     This worked (sort of), I applied a thin layer to a patch of skin on my leg and shaved normally. That hair was taken off by […]

Stocking stuffers

Big gifts are great but it’s the little things that also count over Christmas. My favourite part of my Christmas persent opening isn’t the big hints I’ve asked for, it’s my stocking these are things I didn’t ask for that showed who ever purchased the presents really knew me. But as romantic as that all […]