Monthly Favs- March 2016

So I promised I’d start doing these at the start of teh year but my year so far have been massively hectic. But I’m starting now so Lets get into what I loved using in March! 1. Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara- I love, love, love this mascara, it gives my Lashes volume and […]

Makeup brish cleaning!

People are constantly talking about cleaning your makeup brushes, but no one ever really explains why or how offten. Thats why I’m here! Cleaning your brushes is super easy and takes barly anytime but its also very important not just to keep you brushes looking therr best but also to keep then performing at there […]

Product love: daiso puff and sponge cleaner

Guys! I’m alive! Hey!  I’ve finally got myself into a state of mind where I can sit down and write! My only problem is now my house Internet isn’t working (boo) but I’ll be posting from my phone until it’s fix. So please excuse the bad formatting.  Product: daiso puff and sponge detergent  Price: $2.80 […]