Product Review- Nivea Men Post Shave Balm

Name: Nivea Men Post Shave Balm Sensitive Price: $11.49 Where to find it: Packaging: I live the package its simple but heavy, I’m less likely to drop things its I can feel the weight in my hand. Because its a mens product I didn’t expect anything pretty, or anything overly complicated and thats exactly what […]

I Dupe That- Mac Velvet Teddy

Hello Lovelies, Today I’m talking about a dupe I found, and trust me I feel so stupid for not seeing it before. The dupe is for Mac’s Velvet Teddy Lipstick one of the best selling Mac lipsticks of all time. Its very popular and its a beautiful nude, brown that looks different but amazing on […]

The Beauty Blender Review

Who remembers that photo I shared a couple of months ago? Well its finally time and I must this product is perfect. I can’t believe I went so long without trying this out telling myself that the knock offs are just as good. Product: The Beauty Blender original Price: $30ish Product: So quick recap of what […]

Glazed Apple Handcream review

Okay so I’m a little obessed with hand cream. I use on average one a month depending on the size. My other obession is the glazed apple christmas scent from the body shop. So I thought this would be a perfect product for me to grab and review. Price: $7.95 for 30g Packaging: its typical […]

5 things every girl needs!

This is the 5 things every girl need on her makeup station. Most of them are simple household items that you have no idea how useful they are! 1. hand towel/ little towel Really does this need explaining! Makeup is messy, and it stains nearly everything! I have a while vanity and I wish I had […]

Re review! They’re real push up liner

Name: They’re Real! Push up liner Brand: Benefit RRP: $24 Review: Okay guys I’ve review this once already and the first couple of times I used it, I hated it. I couldn’t get it dark enough; I couldn’t get a straight line it was just awful. BUT! After some getting used to I love this […]

Product love: daiso puff and sponge cleaner

Guys! I’m alive! Hey!  I’ve finally got myself into a state of mind where I can sit down and write! My only problem is now my house Internet isn’t working (boo) but I’ll be posting from my phone until it’s fix. So please excuse the bad formatting.  Product: daiso puff and sponge detergent  Price: $2.80 […]