I’m on a quest… how I feel about makeup wipes

Okay ladies here we go… my quest is to end the regin of makeup wipes. I hate them I dont know if I’ve spoken about this before but makeup wipes was one of the number one reasons I had acne. Since I discovered this I’ve been telling everyone that tells me about their skin problems to cut out makeup wipes all together and they’ve always found it work to help clear up any skin issues. 

Now I understand that you get home after a long night and going through the whole process of cleaning off your makeup and a makeup wipe makes it so much quicker and esaier. So here are my tips and trick to avoiding the makeup wipes and keeping your skin fresh and clean. 

1. If can cleanse! – this is super important its okay to skip cleansing once or twice a fortnight but if you are focusing on you skin and trying to make it better skip the quick fix makeup wipe and opt for a full cleansing routine

2. Micellar water – This product is a life saver, when trying to cut back on the makeup wipes. All you have to do is put a small amount on a cotten pad and wipe away. 

3. Only use makeup wipes on lips and eyes – if you must use makeup wipes keep them away from your skin. Just wipe of your eyemakeup and lipstick and wash your face products with water. 

So thats my tips and tricks to keep away from the makeup wipes. If you must use them make sure you keep an eye on the ingredients and get makeup wipes that suit your skin.

Hope you all have a lovely day! 


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