What foundation type is right for me?- powder

Powder foundation, can either be a life saver or your worst nightmare. There are a tone of different types of powder foundation that come in all differently colours and promise very different thing but you cant layer 4 different types of powder foundation on top of each other can you?  Well like always I’m here to help, with some simple information about what type of powder foundation it right for you.

First off should you be using a powder? Generally I always say yes. If you are using any kind of liquid, mouse or stick foundation; you should be using a powder in some way, after all you want to set your makeup don’t you?I know many people with super dry skin will disagree with me on this one but hear me out I’ll explain in a bit.

Now we come into the but what type of powder foundation should I be using pressed or lose? Now generally speaking they are both the same pressed is slightly easier to carry around with out so if you need to touch up on the go or travel pressed is for you. but if you go a little further into the pressed vs. lose debate you’ll find that pressed powder is slightly easier to control as you pick up less on your brush, so therefore for beginners it’s better.

Okay now should it be tinted or translucent or even colour (I will continue to spell Colour the Australia way (sorry)) correcting. Okay heres where my dry skin people come in, translucent powder should always be used the set concealer ANYWHERE on your face. Concealer is a much thicker then foundation and sticker if you put a coloured powder onto a concealer it just looks cakey and dry. Where as translucent powders a generally milled much finer and don’t distort the colour of the concealer setting it perfectly. So if you feel your skin is a little too dry to put powder all over your face just set the concealed areas, this helps your face have a more finished over all look and helps keep everything in place just in case you start to get a little oily.

The most important thing to remember is that a little bit of powder goes along way, and it is very easy to get wrong so finding the right on for you is important but also having a powder brush that fits your needs is also very important.



I’ve been thinking about doing a beginners guide to brushes would anyone be interested? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you all have a lovely day!


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