Product Review- Nivea Men Post Shave Balm

Name: Nivea Men Post Shave Balm Sensitive

Price: $11.49

Where to find it

Packaging: I live the package its simple but heavy, I’m less likely to drop things its I can feel the weight in my hand. Because its a mens product I didn’t expect anything pretty, or anything overly complicated and thats exactly what I got a simple plain bottle. With a hole in the top, that makes it easy to just pour out.

Product: Now if your new to the world of internet beauty, you most likely thinking what on earth am I meant to use post shave balm in my beauty routine. Well this simple little trick was discovered by Nikkitutorials. She found that this product has all the same ingredients as alot of primers on the market. So I had to try it and see if it was really as good as everyone says it is. Now the first thing you notice about this is the smell; it has a strong smell of man (like most mens product) now that smell does fade once the product is rubbed into the skin but not completely so if you don’t like strong smells this isn’t the product for you. Now I’ve found this product works best while is only just been rubbed into the skin and is still a little wet as if forms a tacky layer on the skin. If you let it dry before putting the foundation on while is does leave your skin soft and smooth it doesn’t help foundation stick to the skin. It helps makeup last slightly longer, but I’d say theres a actaul primer which is around the same price that would do much more.

When I look for a primer I look for something that not only keeps my makeup last long but something that helps my foundation look flawless, and this just doesn’t do that. It has no pour filling or reducing properties, and while it doesn’t enhance fine lines it certainly doesn’t cover them. I like to use this product when I’m going for a no makeup, makeup look or along side a different primer that fills and perfects a bit more.

Overall I’d say this could be use for a person that is just looking for a layer between their foundation and skin. But really I’d say just buy a primer instead and leave this product for the men.

Hope you all have a beautiful day.



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