Ebay Finds- Jessup Brushes

Have you ever bee browsing Ebay and just thought I wonder what the makeup is like? Well have no fear for Bee is here to help you out. My main concern with Ebay products is not being sure if they are safe to use on my skin but seeing as I’ve never really had a problem being a human guinea pig before I figure why not?

Today I want to give you a review on of the Jessup brushes, I got mine as an 8 pack for $13 with free shipping so very cheap. When I first heard about these I was told they were an almost dupe for the sigma kabuki brushes and I have to say that isn’t all true. They do look like them but as far as the quality goes I have to say you get what you pay for. I’ll go into that more later.

As for what you actually get as I said its 8 brushes 4 large these include

  • flat head kabuki
  • round head kabuki
  • angled flat head
  • and what I cal a pine-cone brush

Plus the same but in a smaller version meant to eye brushes.

Now I’ve tested all the brushes using all sorts of products liquid, powder and cream. The larger brushes tend to soak up the product and the bristles clump together making anything liquid you put on your face look streaky and not at all flattering. Then when is comes to powder you lose a lot in the brush meaning you don’t get as must pigment on your face. My best example of this is the Nars albatross highlighter I used the pine-cone brush to apply it I was so disappointed in the highlighter until very recently when I tried with a different brush and ‘voila’ I’m in love with it.

However the small ‘eye’ brushes don’t have this problem. but are to large for the eye. This isn’t a problem though as they do make perfect contouring brushes for the small areas of the face i.e. nose.

So overall these brushes are okay for the price, but at the same time you could fine better. If your just starting you play around with makeup and you don’t mind washing your brushes every time you could use them but I’d say your much better trying to find a better cheap option or even spending a little more for a better brush.

Is there anything you’ve been temper by on ebay that you’d like me to try out? Let me know in the comments.

hope you all have amazing day




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