Share the Blogging Love

So I’ve been struggling to find new and interesting blogs to read recently, and I love to red blogs as much as I like to write my own. I feel as if its so important to read as much content as possible while creating your own. It helps develop skills that you may not have thought and gives you ideas that may have never even occurred to you.

Also like alot you, I don’t just buy product willy-nilly I like to research in fact I love to research. Its part of the fun of buying and testing new products; so reading everyones blogs and seeing everyone opinions is so important. Now I know this post just seems like be babbling about how much I love to read others work but it does have a point. I’d like anyone and everyone to let me know what your blogs are called by commenting your URL so everyone can see and read your blog.

This idea has been on my mind for a while now and I really want it to work out so I can find amazing content which I may not otherwise find.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.

oxox Bee


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