Did the Easter Bunny cause your acne?

I wanted to make this really quick post to talk about the link between ‘junk foods’ and acne. For anyone new here I have had bad acne in my life, for a lot of causes and I’ve been told dozens of different things about why I have it.

The biggest one I’ve always bee told is junk food or mostly chocolate causes you to break out. I’m here to tell you now this isn’t true, studies have shown that there is a small correlation between acne and chocolate but it is never the main cause. It may cause the odd spot here or there but that painful acne that keeps poping up isn’t cause by it.

Its always important to eat healthy to keep your skin healthy, but its Easter so don’t be scared to grab a couple of sweet treats without worrying that it will break you out.

I’m going to be writing a little bit more about skin care and acne issue over the coming weeks so this was a little sneak peak.

Hope you have a happy Easter Filled with joy and excitement




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