I’m on a quest… how I feel about makeup wipes

Okay ladies here we go… my quest is to end the regin of makeup wipes. I hate them I dont know if I’ve spoken about this before but makeup wipes was one of the number one reasons I had acne. Since I discovered this I’ve been telling everyone that tells me about their skin problems to cut out makeup wipes all together and they’ve always found it work to help clear up any skin issues. 

Now I understand that you get home after a long night and going through the whole process of cleaning off your makeup and a makeup wipe makes it so much quicker and esaier. So here are my tips and trick to avoiding the makeup wipes and keeping your skin fresh and clean. 

1. If can cleanse! – this is super important its okay to skip cleansing once or twice a fortnight but if you are focusing on you skin and trying to make it better skip the quick fix makeup wipe and opt for a full cleansing routine

2. Micellar water – This product is a life saver, when trying to cut back on the makeup wipes. All you have to do is put a small amount on a cotten pad and wipe away. 

3. Only use makeup wipes on lips and eyes – if you must use makeup wipes keep them away from your skin. Just wipe of your eyemakeup and lipstick and wash your face products with water. 

So thats my tips and tricks to keep away from the makeup wipes. If you must use them make sure you keep an eye on the ingredients and get makeup wipes that suit your skin.

Hope you all have a lovely day! 


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Drowning in assignments

I finally have a second to write something that isnt part of my uni work! I must apologies for my absence over the past couple of weeks. I’ve just had to much on my plate and needed to slow things down so I dont burn myself out. But my struggle is over yet I still have 2 more major assignments and 3 more exams before the end of semester  (which is in like 4 weeks). 

But never fear I have been regularly updating my instagram with photos and I’m going to try and be a bit more active on Twitter. I’m not promising to go back to my normal posting schedule just yet but I will my best to write a little for you guys. 

If you do follow me on instagram you’ll know that this guy made an appearance 

The Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aleo, Herbs and Rosewater is my holygrail facial mist. I spray it before my makeup to hydrate and prep my skin, after to soak up and excess powders and oils and in my hair before brushing to make it soft and sliky. I’ve been wanting to write a full review on it to express my love for it but all I can say is it is fantastic. 

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Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Oxox bee

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200! 🎉🎉🎉

I wanted to make an appreciation post for you guys! I’ve hit 200 followers on my blog and well it feels amazing! I just want to say thankyou to everyine that reads this blog. It means a tone to me, writting really does keep me from having a mental break down everyday. 

I know you guys love swatches so I thought I post some today.

I know you guys love swatch posts so I though seeing as today is a celebration of yiu guys I’d swatch something for you.

These are the Australis velourlips,

From top to bottem

  • Ma-li-boo
  • Tok-i-o
  • Shang-hi
  • Ny-cee

I hope you all have a fantastic day!



What foundation type is right for me?- powder

Powder foundation, can either be a life saver or your worst nightmare. There are a tone of different types of powder foundation that come in all differently colours and promise very different thing but you cant layer 4 different types of powder foundation on top of each other can you?  Well like always I’m here to help, with some simple information about what type of powder foundation it right for you.

First off should you be using a powder? Generally I always say yes. If you are using any kind of liquid, mouse or stick foundation; you should be using a powder in some way, after all you want to set your makeup don’t you?I know many people with super dry skin will disagree with me on this one but hear me out I’ll explain in a bit.

Now we come into the but what type of powder foundation should I be using pressed or lose? Now generally speaking they are both the same pressed is slightly easier to carry around with out so if you need to touch up on the go or travel pressed is for you. but if you go a little further into the pressed vs. lose debate you’ll find that pressed powder is slightly easier to control as you pick up less on your brush, so therefore for beginners it’s better.

Okay now should it be tinted or translucent or even colour (I will continue to spell Colour the Australia way (sorry)) correcting. Okay heres where my dry skin people come in, translucent powder should always be used the set concealer ANYWHERE on your face. Concealer is a much thicker then foundation and sticker if you put a coloured powder onto a concealer it just looks cakey and dry. Where as translucent powders a generally milled much finer and don’t distort the colour of the concealer setting it perfectly. So if you feel your skin is a little too dry to put powder all over your face just set the concealed areas, this helps your face have a more finished over all look and helps keep everything in place just in case you start to get a little oily.

The most important thing to remember is that a little bit of powder goes along way, and it is very easy to get wrong so finding the right on for you is important but also having a powder brush that fits your needs is also very important.



I’ve been thinking about doing a beginners guide to brushes would anyone be interested? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you all have a lovely day!


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Swatchy swatchy 🦄

Im so behind at uni I thought I make it a simple post day and just swatch some lipsticks for you guys.

These are the limecrime unicorn lipsticks from left to right they are.

  • D’lilac
  • No she didnt
  • Chinchilla
  • Retrofuturist

These lipstick are some mof my favourites they are super pigmented and go on very easy. 

Hope your all havibg a great day! 



P.s. I put an emoji in the title of todays post, let me know in the comments if you can see it! 

Product Review- Nivea Men Post Shave Balm

Name: Nivea Men Post Shave Balm Sensitive

Price: $11.49

Where to find ithttps://www.priceline.com.au/nivea-sensitive-post-shave-balm-100-ml

Packaging: I live the package its simple but heavy, I’m less likely to drop things its I can feel the weight in my hand. Because its a mens product I didn’t expect anything pretty, or anything overly complicated and thats exactly what I got a simple plain bottle. With a hole in the top, that makes it easy to just pour out.

Product: Now if your new to the world of internet beauty, you most likely thinking what on earth am I meant to use post shave balm in my beauty routine. Well this simple little trick was discovered by Nikkitutorials. She found that this product has all the same ingredients as alot of primers on the market. So I had to try it and see if it was really as good as everyone says it is. Now the first thing you notice about this is the smell; it has a strong smell of man (like most mens product) now that smell does fade once the product is rubbed into the skin but not completely so if you don’t like strong smells this isn’t the product for you. Now I’ve found this product works best while is only just been rubbed into the skin and is still a little wet as if forms a tacky layer on the skin. If you let it dry before putting the foundation on while is does leave your skin soft and smooth it doesn’t help foundation stick to the skin. It helps makeup last slightly longer, but I’d say theres a actaul primer which is around the same price that would do much more.

When I look for a primer I look for something that not only keeps my makeup last long but something that helps my foundation look flawless, and this just doesn’t do that. It has no pour filling or reducing properties, and while it doesn’t enhance fine lines it certainly doesn’t cover them. I like to use this product when I’m going for a no makeup, makeup look or along side a different primer that fills and perfects a bit more.

Overall I’d say this could be use for a person that is just looking for a layer between their foundation and skin. But really I’d say just buy a primer instead and leave this product for the men.

Hope you all have a beautiful day.



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I Dupe That- Mac Velvet Teddy

Hello Lovelies,
Today I’m talking about a dupe I found, and trust me I feel so stupid for not seeing it before. The dupe is for Mac’s Velvet Teddy Lipstick one of the best selling Mac lipsticks of all time. Its very popular and its a beautiful nude, brown that looks different but amazing on each person.

Velvet teddy is one of my favourite lipsticks and I love wearing it with my favourite lipliner Essence In the Nude. I love wearing these together but the lipliner is so creamy and pigmented that I also just wear it alone on my lips but I never noticed it was a dupe until last week when I was making as instagram post for you guys. I was totally shocked that how similar the colours are just have a look here!

Now I’ve spent hours and hours looking for a cheaper way to have Velvet Teddy and right under my nose was one that I’d been wearing the whole time. And the best part is the lip liner is only $2, in comparison to a $36 I think its amazing!

I’d like to continue finding dupes are there any you guys would like me the check?

Hope your all having a wonderful day

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Daily update- last weeks blues

I missed a post last week not through lack of content or anything I just wasnt feeling to fab and needed a mental health day. 

So I wanted to say sorry for that but I gave anyone following my on instagram and sneak peak for one of this weeks post over the weekend so if you havent seen it go check it out.

I also wanted to thank everyone that reads my blog. You guys have no idea how good it feels sometimes that I can just vent here. You are all amazing beautiful people dont you forget it




Ebay Finds- Jessup Brushes

Have you ever bee browsing Ebay and just thought I wonder what the makeup is like? Well have no fear for Bee is here to help you out. My main concern with Ebay products is not being sure if they are safe to use on my skin but seeing as I’ve never really had a problem being a human guinea pig before I figure why not?

Today I want to give you a review on of the Jessup brushes, I got mine as an 8 pack for $13 with free shipping so very cheap. When I first heard about these I was told they were an almost dupe for the sigma kabuki brushes and I have to say that isn’t all true. They do look like them but as far as the quality goes I have to say you get what you pay for. I’ll go into that more later.

As for what you actually get as I said its 8 brushes 4 large these include

  • flat head kabuki
  • round head kabuki
  • angled flat head
  • and what I cal a pine-cone brush

Plus the same but in a smaller version meant to eye brushes.

Now I’ve tested all the brushes using all sorts of products liquid, powder and cream. The larger brushes tend to soak up the product and the bristles clump together making anything liquid you put on your face look streaky and not at all flattering. Then when is comes to powder you lose a lot in the brush meaning you don’t get as must pigment on your face. My best example of this is the Nars albatross highlighter I used the pine-cone brush to apply it I was so disappointed in the highlighter until very recently when I tried with a different brush and ‘voila’ I’m in love with it.

However the small ‘eye’ brushes don’t have this problem. but are to large for the eye. This isn’t a problem though as they do make perfect contouring brushes for the small areas of the face i.e. nose.

So overall these brushes are okay for the price, but at the same time you could fine better. If your just starting you play around with makeup and you don’t mind washing your brushes every time you could use them but I’d say your much better trying to find a better cheap option or even spending a little more for a better brush.

Is there anything you’ve been temper by on ebay that you’d like me to try out? Let me know in the comments.

hope you all have amazing day



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